California Attorney General sues school for telling parents when their child changes gender

Recently, the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education approved a mandatory gender identity disclosure policy that requires schools to tell parents if a student asks to use a name or pronoun that's different from their birth certificate or other official records.

In response, California's Attorney General, Rob Bonta, sued the Chino School District to make schools hide gender transitions from parents. Here is Bonta's justification.

“Every student has the right to learn and thrive in a school environment that promotes safety, privacy, and inclusivity - regardless of their gender identity. The forced outing policy wrongfully endangers the physical, mental, and emotional well being of non- conforming students who lack an accepting environment in the classroom and at home.”

In response, California's Attorney General, Rob Bonta, sued the Chino School District to make schools hide gender transitions from parents. Here is Bonta's justification.

At first, Rob Bonta's statements seem reasonable. However, there are several logical fallacies in his arguments. Being highly educated and experienced, he knows all the tricks and fallacies for manipulating thought processes. Can you spot the fallacies?


Rob Bonta burdens parents, schools, and courts with false arguments

Bonta's tricks are hard to see, because most of them are not there. They are hidden premises. Below is a list of the fallacies in his statements.

  1. Hidden Premise: No harm occurs when a school and child keep secrets from parents.

    Truth: If the school keeps parents in the dark and instructs the child to not tell parents, it causes significant emotional and psychological strain. This stress will harm the child and cause relationship problems with the parents. Bonta omits this harm, hiding it from people who don't think deeply about what could go wrong.

  2. Hidden Premise: The school policy causes “forced outings” of students.

    Truth: The school policy triggers only when a student “outs” themself by telling school staff they want to use a name or pronoun that differs from what they listed on their birth certificate. The school is not doing the “outing.” The correct description is the student is “coming out” by declaring their intentions to change gender. Rob Bonta uses the “outs” word to misrepresent what occurs and to attack the school.

  3. Hidden Premise: The student's decision to change their gender is appropriate.

    Truth: This assumption is so abusive it qualifies as criminal intent since it requires all school children to understand the complexities of human sexuality, the myriad of gender choices they could make, the lifelong medical and social ramifications of each gender choice, and the psychological nuances of gender dysphoria. Remember, this discussion is about children from five to eighteen years old, many of whom are mentally and psychologically challenged. Most adults cannot comprehend all the dangers of gender transition. The common sense action would be to assemble a team of experts along with the parents to explore the complex situation. Bonta never mentions that children cannot make transgender decisions, implying children always make the correct decision.

  4. Hidden Premise: Students change gender independently of others.

    Truth: Young children seldom think about gender and most children who experience a little gender dysphoria get over it with no intervention. Currently, California politicians, social media, and peer pressures are encouraging children to think about changing gender. School children considering gender transition may be influenced by school staff who can apply their authority as adults and leaders, plus use their training in how to psychologically and intellectually control children. There are references at the end of this article to stories about school staff improperly encouraging children into gender transition programs. Bonta never mentions this danger.

  5. Hidden Premise: All schools can provide adequate safety, privacy, and inclusivity for all students.

    Truth: When a student requests a school to affirm their new gender, they are asking the school to inform classmates and staff. News about the student will quickly spread throughout the school and the community. The student's gender transition will naturally elicit new responses from other students and people in the community. These responses are far beyond the control of the school staff. Affirming a student's new gender does the opposite of promoting safety, privacy, and inclusivity. Also, current gender ideologists at schools push children to broadcast their gender identity as if it is a social improvement mission, causing additional negative responses. I remember way back when I was in high school, non-binary kids would quietly figure out who they could be friends with and nobody had a problem because we were all busy doing more important things. Maybe someone should ask Bonta if parents could help a child handle the social stresses of gender transition.

  6. Hidden Premise: All parents are unable and unwilling to help their child who has gender identity issues.

    Truth: Parents are the only people who have the commitment, relationship, historical knowledge, and time, plus provide the home environment and pay for medical exams and treatments. Excluding parents is so harmful to children that it qualifies as criminal intent. Rob Bonta's policy would prevent all parents from helping their children.

  7. Hidden Premise: All schools have staff that are able and willing to guide all students through gender transition.

    Truth: School staff never have the familiarity, intimacy, empathy, commitment, time, money, psychology training, and other resources necessary for guiding and nurturing a child through the many years of gender transition. A school may start a child on the long road, but as soon as the child hits the hard problems, the school dumps the child on parents.

  8. Hidden Premise: Notifying the parents always results in parents attacking the child.

    Truth: School policy protects children by requiring school staff to first ask the child if they are afraid of the parents reacting badly. If the child is afraid, then the school policy requires the staff to ask Child Protective Services to help with the parents' notification and maintaining a safe and productive environment.

  9. Hidden Premise: Schools can legally control a child's psychological and medical development.

    Truth: Common sense, Natural Law, and the US Constitution give parents sole authority over their children. Schools have been sued and paid penalties for assuming full responsibility for children. See the references at the end of this article. Reasonable school administrators wish to avoid costly lawsuits and criminal prosecution by always informing parents. Even though parents are the legal guardians of their children, politicians threaten to file more lawsuits, wasting the time and money of schools and parents. Rob Bonta doesn't care about the damage to schools and people. His priority is to push gender ideology.

What is the effect of Rob Bonta's lawsuit?

Excluding all parents from helping their children resolve gender confusions eliminates a child's greatest protector and supporter, putting children in grave danger. It also leaves schools open to malpractice lawsuits. Rob Bonta's goal of isolating children from parents will cause great harm to children, parents, families, schools, and also to communities. Bonta will create exactly the opposite of what he promises.

Help stop these destructive policies. Educate your friends and join the Poway Community Watch parental action organization.

Author: Donald Tipon

Background: As a retired grandfather of a Poway School student, and an amateur writer, I have been shocked and motivated by the gender ideology that is being promoted to children in schools. I wish to contribute to activities that will protect children from these immoral attacks.


California Attorney General wants schools to change gender of students and not tell parents

California sues a school district for its policy requiring notification of parents if their child begins transgender-affirming activities. California Attorney General Rob Bonta started this legal test case intending to prevent all schools in California from notifying parents when their child starts gender change activities at school.

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Escondido school district fires teachers because they refused to lie to parents about their children changing gender

The Escondido school district not only affirmed the gender of students without parental consent but also trained teachers how to lie to parents who asked questions.

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A Wisconsin Waukesha County Circuit Court judge ruled that schools can not violate parents’ rights.

The Kettle Moraine School District allowed staff to refer to students using a name or pronouns at odds with the student’s biological sex, while at school, without expressed parental consent. Judge states there is well established and clear case law that a school district cannot supplant a parent's right to control the healthcare and medical decisions for their children.

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Poway Unified School District pushes LGBTQ ideology

In the Poway Unified School District, an organization called JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) is providing several educational activities and events to promote LGBTQ ideology to children as young as 3 and 5 years old.

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California School pays $100,000 settlement for secretly coercing an eleven-year-old girl to change gender.

A Monterey County school district has settled a lawsuit that alleged middle school staff “convinced” a student to identify first as bisexual and then as transgender, without informing the 11-year-old's mother and also telling the student to not tell her parent. Two teachers who ran the school’s gay-straight alliance club (You be You, UBU) and then-Principal Katelyn Pagaran have all resigned.

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Virginia school secretly coerced student to change genders, resulting in enormous harm

Virginia high school officials affirmed the gender transition of a girl with psychological problems but did not inform her parent. Then the school administrators encouraged her to use the boys' bathroom, and she was subsequently verbally, physically, and sexually assaulted by her male classmates. The enormous psychological trauma caused her to run away from home and then things got worse. Strangers drugged, raped, and trafficked her for more than a year. For more details about this tragic story, you can read the following articles.

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