BOE Public Comments Minutes

Here you can find complete minutes of the PUSD BOE public comments.

Sept 13

  • 19:33 - Christian French, mother of Poway students, requested that the BOE vote for parental notification and also remove the gender support plan document that which allows students to sign documents with the school while keeping this action secrete from parents.
  • 22:08 - Shea Thomas, mother of Poway students, my daughter was sexually harassed by a student in one of her classes. The school has only required the offending student to apologise but is still in the class. Shea is requesting additional school communication about the situation and actions to protect her daughter.
  • 24:45 - Stewart Cook, two minutes is not enough time for parents to present current problems plaguing the students. The inadequate policies of the PUSD BOE are causing numerous problems for students and parents but the BOE’s solution is to reduce the feedback from parents while the board inefficiently uses their time on other meeting business. The parent presentation time should be returned to three minutes.

Aug 22

  • 19:08 - I. H., senior at Del Norte High, objected to his school not separating recyclable wastes so that it does not go in the landfill.
  • 21:30 - A. C., president of Westview High PTSA. The mission of PTSA is to make sure that all stakeholders in schools have a say in how schools are run. This includes parents, students, teachers, and school administrators.
  • 24:02 - Rachelle Babler, objected to the BOE reducing the speaking time from three minutes to two minutes.
  • 26:23 - Lenice Sechrist, objected to the BOE not providing adequate information prior to BOE meetings which prevents parental knowledge and response to BOE decisions affecting students and parents.
  • 28:34 - Casey Doan, mother, PTA JEDI committee chair, introduced the new JEDI board members which is also on the JEDI website.

June 15

  • 06:04 - B. M., M. Y., and O. H. spoke about supporting robotics and STEM district wide.
  • 15:32 - Tacko Diaite, mother, spoke about ESS staff shortages and long wait lists.
  • 18:57 - Casey Doan, mother, PTA Jedi committee chair, spoke about the successes of PTA JEDI throughout Southern California.
  • 22:12 - A. D., ten year old student, spoke about her JEDI successes and wishes for more loving and less hate.
  • 24:08 - M. A., seventeen year old transgender (biological male) student, spoke about feeling extremely alienated from other students at school and students all across America. Mikey is receiving hormone therapy and without it she is 100% sure that gender therapy is saving her life and the lives of many others.
  • 27:16 - Stewart Cook objected to the PUSD DEI programs lack of scientific data that would measure the benefits and harm done to students by the DEI programs. He suggests focusing on academics instead of gender ideology promoted by Pharma and medical businesses.

June 1

  • 14:14 - C. M., S. R., I. E., L. F., M. M., spoke about the RBHS Choral Department.
  • 29:48 - J. C., K. C., and D. T. described the bad behavior of a band director that is being considered for transfer.
  • 38:47 - Adam Burch, parent, objected to the poor communication to parents about a dangerous student.
  • 41:50 - Stewart Cook has not received any justification for PUSD partnering with outside organizations that push harmful and life threatening medical transgender medical procedures.
  • 45:19 - Nichole Peterson, my eighth grader is transgender, her gender is marked as X on her birth certificate. Nichole thanks PUSD for all the work they are doing to affirm her gender but would appreciate if vendors working with PUSD would also accommodate other genders beyond male and female.
  • 48:38 - Samantha Viscount, a member of Protectors of Innocence which is an LGBTQ organization, believes there is a middle ground where a safe and inclusive environment can be created without trampling on the rights of parents and other students.
  • 52:05 - Lisa Velazquez provided a Palomar Council PTA year-end summary.
  • 55:39 - Yaayu lyer spoke about PUSD Community Watch in the Hindi language.

May 11

  • 47:18 - Alycia Brewer, RB High alumni, was raped eleven times on campus and asked how to move forward with an investigation.
  • 49:00 - Frank Xu, CFER president, objected to the disproportionate increase in PUSD staff compensations in the last 11 years.
  • 52:18 - Frida Brunzell, Palomar Council PTA, spoke about Equitable Literacy, which identifies children with reading problems and assigns additional resources.
  • 55:38 - Tony Molina has two special needs children and PUSD is violating rules of proper treatment.
  • 59:30 - Terri Rogelstad, English teacher at Palomar Middle College, said students can be given more freedom to choose what they read and they should not have to read what they don't want to read or what their parents don't approve of.
  • 1:02:54 - Matt Hunt, assistant principal at Meadowbrook, spoke in favor of DEI practices.
  • 1:06:36 - Yuan Liu spoke in Chinese about the PUSD Community Watch.

April 6

  • 22:28 - Rachelle Babler, from PUSD Community Watch, introduced this organization as a parent-driven oversight organization advocating for student and parental rights.
  • 26:12 - Lenice Sechrist, from PUSD Community Watch, criticized the Jedi Committee Mythbusters report which denied that CRT is taught in PUSD. Recommended that school principals should not allow Jedi representatives on PTA boards.
  • 29:14 - Stewart Cook contradicted Kathie Moehlig (executive director of Trans Family Support Services) statement that suicides would occur if PUSD did not get sex change affirming procedures and listed the dangers of sex changing medical procedures.
  • 32:22 - Frank Xu, president of Californians For Equal Rights, said he doubts that the Restorative Practices program at PUSD is justified and believes it will create more racial bias and tension.
  • 35:45 - Kurt Trecker, soccer coach at RB High, spoke about the work and benefits of PUSD athletic trainers.
  • 38:32 - Shayne Smith believes that the Jedi Committee activities takes away from the teaching of core educational goals and increases racial and social biases.
  • 41:43 - Tierra Bonita Elementary students O., D., L., and K. spoke about the Student Bill of Rights at Tierra Bonita which celebrates differences, is inclusive, and managing emotions.
  • 43:00 - Tierra Bonita Elementary students N. and K. read a poem to kick off poetry month at Tierra Bonita.
  • 45:23 - Molly Engblom, elementary school counselor at Tierra Bonita, spoke about the No Place for Hate program at Tierra Bonita Elementary School.
  • 47:47 - Tristan McCoy, representing coaching staff of RB High, requested additional athletic trainers and higher pay for trainers.
  • 50:40 - Erika Vanderspek spoke in favor of a salary increase for PUSD athletic trainers.
  • 52:07 - A. R., ASB president at RB High, spoke about student events and activities taking place at Rancho Bernardo High School.
  • 54:41 - Kate Recore spoke about valuing PUSD employees with higher pay and more staff.

March 15

  • 20:30 - Dr. Bozzay, principal of Mt. Carmel Highschool, read one of thirty letters of appreciation from students of the ethnic literature class at Mt. Carmel High School. The student was not blamed for the problems that minorities suffer but learned a lot about her biases and how people in the minority feel.
  • 24:32 - H. H., a senior at Mt. Carmel Highschool, said have benefited from the ethnic literature class at Mt. Carmel High School.
  • 26:15 - G. G., student at Rancho Bernardo Highschool, asked the Board to not ban the books Fun Home and Gender Queer for teens and young adults.
  • 28:32 - Lisa Wilken, principal at elementary schools in PUSD, presented positive results of the equity and inclusiveness training of staff at Stone Ranch Elementary School.
  • 31:57 - Marco A. Laborin, counselor at Bernardo Heights middle school and advisor to GSA (queer safe space), read excerpts from student comments. Example: praised the safe spaces, allowed students to figure out identity, helped students know and respect those who are different, provides a welcoming LGBTQ community.
  • 34:47 - E. S., seventh grader at Bernardo Heights Middle School and president of GSA Club, spoke about how the club helps LGBTQ students and educates other students.
  • 36:19 - Kate Recore, substitute teacher, suggested that for the safety of students, substitute teachers should get the same safety training and email accounts as full time teachers.
  • 38:41 - Janet Lettang spoke about art displays, musical performances, and other art events in PUSD.

Feburuary 9

  • 23:54 - Carol Osborne spoke about incidents of hate against black students which justifies PUSD's equity and inclusion programs.
  • 27:25 - Cindy Martin complained that PUSD is not hiring black teachers and administrators.
  • 30:58 - Thomas Smith listed racist acts at a PUSD schools which are harming his son's mental and scholastic abilities.
  • 34:28 - Tasha Williams cited a racial physical assault captured on video plus the use of the n-word that has a negative effect on students.
  • 37:52 - Shayne McCool spoke about racial attacks and the lack of appropriate action by PUSD teachers and staff.
  • 40:35 - Katherine Hamilton volunteered to work with PUSD staff to solve racial problems.
  • 42:48 - Nancy Relaford is a representative of Showing Up for Racial Justice San Diego. She spoke about educating white people about racism.
  • 45:18 - Jessica Rapp-McCreary and Steven Dorsey from the Equity Department of the San Diego County Office (SDCOE) spoke about their efforts in partnership with PUSD staff to protect students from racial and all other types of prejudicial activities.
  • 48:21 - Stewart Cook spoke about PUSD's JEDI group and transgender family services which he says are overtly political and sponsored by medical facilities that benefit from transgender medical procedures.
  • 51:34 - Valerie White, assistant principal at Black Mountain Middle School, is proud of the save spaces,diversity, equality, and inclusion activities that help students.
  • 54:18 - Mudita Tiwary spoke about how the Stone Ranch Elementary School culture has become more inclusive, and supportive of students.
  • 58:00 - Lindsay Ball said the book Gender Queer helps her daughter and other children expand their understanding and acceptance of other people.
  • 1:01:27 - Alia Snyder, mother of a PUSD student, presented statements from students in grades 9-12 who think that the book Gender Queer should not be banned from schools.
  • 1:04:50 - Kristen Beer said that caring advance knowledgeable librarians and teachers can help students understand and appreciate books about LGBTQ.
  • 1:07:34 - Rachelle Babler said that the BOE is not informing the public about BOE activities according to the Brown Act.
  • 1:10:40 - Casey Doan, the Palomar Council PTA Jedi committee chair, cited racist attacks on black students. She is also concern with homophobic comment by PUSD staff. She recommends equity training and restorative practices to help students overcome biases.
  • 1:13:39 - Kathie Moehlig, executive director of trans Family Support Services, commended the BOE for their commitment to inclusion of LGBTQ students.
  • 1:17:05 - Becky Rapp spoke about drug abuse among youth that started with the use of marijuana.
  • 1:20:56 - Samira Jones would like to know what PUSD is doing for Black History Month.

January 12

  • 25:55 - Christine Paik and Ross Kallen spoke about Studio 701 Internship students which educates students in how to create advanced digital videos similar to professional news videos.
  • 31:55 - Joe Nalven spoke about Martin Luther King Day and contrary to the belief of the PUSD BOE that there is racism in our schools that the BOE must be fight, Joe finds there is much less racism now than when Martin Luther King gave his speech.
  • 35:05 - Jason Bennett as a military veteran would like to see the US flag in every classroom and the pledge of allegiance recited every day by students.
  • 38:26 - L. S. experienced hate and harassment at school because she was the president of the Pro-life club. The school and PUSD never addressed the harassment.
  • 42:05 - Frank Rodriguez, from the organization called Gays Against Groomers condemned the BOE for allowing school children to be exposed to sexual information in schools. He claims he will show a picture of a child sucking another child off in a PUSD classroom.
  • 45:35 - Samantha Viscount, from Gays Against Groomers presented evidence of inappropriate and dangerous sexual material being taught to and made available to children in school curriculum and school libraries.
  • 49:12 - Stew Cook provided information about pornography in school classrooms and libraries. PUSD JEDI says in their meeting notes that they want to discuss sex and gender with 3-5 year olds because that is when children are most vulnerable.
  • 52:16 - Meg Martinez from Gays Against Groomers described obnoxious language in books in school libraries.
  • 55:40 - Thuy Truong objected to books in school that are pornographic.
  • 58:07 - Melissa Lazaro requested additional support for literacy training.
  • 1:02:15 - Mario [last name?] English version starts at 1:04:12. Mario describes how school librarians are grooming children for sexual predators.
  • 1:06:28 - A. C. spoke about the librarian coming to her class and implying that her father who wants to ban a book about LGBTQ is homophobic.
  • 1:09:56 - Belinda Hill spoke about the lack of teacher training for helping dyslexia students read.
  • 1:13:15 - Catherine Sage suggested using a free literacy curriculum that would improve student reading skills.
  • 1:16:33 - Janet Lettang informed the BOE about future student musical performances.